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whole wheat bread (no.3)

my annual subscription of parenthood magazine arrived today. i found an interesting statement which i would like to share with you…

“73% of mums think that ‘enriched wheat bread’ is 100% whole wheat. But it’s not!”

i was like… huh?? how come??

“Most contain only 20%. For the real deal, make sure ‘whole wheat flour’ is the first ingredient on the list”

hmmm… back to reading the ingredients again…

whole wheat bread (no.2)

today i managed to prepare breakfast which using a whole wheat bread. well… whole wheat mini bun to be exact. i bought the bun at bakery shop near my housing area. so, i prepared egg sandwich for my family.

i made an ordinary omelet but i added few diced red tomato (find the reddest tomato as it has high anti-oxidant), a pinch of salt for seasoning and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese…

my daughter loved it and asked for second serving. even my son finished his portion.

that’s the satisfaction i get after slaving myself in the kitchen early in the morning… 🙂



whole wheat bread

i’ve been struggling to give my kids to eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread. as most of us know that white bread is not that good for our body and brain. so, i’ve come out with a solution and kids are happy with it.

what i did yesterday was making an egg sandwich for my kids’ breakfast… using both whole wheat and white bread for it. one and the top and another at the bottom. my kids just loved it.

need to introduce the greatness of whole wheat bread little at a time… hopefully it will go long way ahead…