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kids are creative

after facing almost the same scenario everyday… i concluded that my kids are very creative… not creative in arts or what so ever… but being very ‘creative’ in getting away with anything that they don’t like and find ways to get what they want…

as for my daughter this morning… (well, actually most of the mornings…) i caught that she didn’t like to make her bed and fold her blanket… what she always did was just roll up the blanket and put it under her pillow… ‘creative’ huh…

as for my son (goes to the day care centre at 8am), he likes to watch tv while having his breakfast and while i get ready for work. i always caught him watching cartoons especially tom & jerry and mr. bean which i really don’t actually encourage for him to.

so, today… he did promised me that he won’t watch cartoon before switching on the tv. i was getting ready for work while he’s having his breakfast. when i came out from my room… well… he didn’t switch on the cartoon channel. i was kinda relief by thinking that he walk the talk.

but… when i was having my breakfast, he changed the channel and watched mr. bean! i was kinda ok with that for a while until he changed to tom & jerry show… and the following dialog took off…

myself : “you promised not to watch cartoon today…”

my son : ” i just want to watch for a while. anyway, i couldn’t find any number for me to change.” (while looking at the remote control)

‘creative’ huh…

moral of the story for me is to always watch over my kids… always…


promise of punctuality

this happened few weeks ago and has dragged till now. my son is very particular on punctuality in fetching him back from his day care center. he always makes me promise to fetch him at 5.00pm… his common sentence is… “mama ambil pukul lima kosong kosong ye” (mama fetch me at five zero zero). so i really need to reach at his place exactly at 5.00pm.

there was one incident that i promised him to fetch at 5.00pm. but then, he complained to his dad saying that i had broken my promise. he said,”mama janji nak amik pukul lima kosong kosong. tapi mama datang lima kosong tiga.” (mama promised to fetch at five zero zero but she came at five zero three). it was just a difference of 3 minutes, and he obviously could not accept it.

and also there was one time that i reached early at his place… and he said… “mama! belum lagi lima kosong kosong” (mama! it not even yet five zero zero)… then, it really starts to confuse me…

he started to be particular about time when his dad bought him Ben 10 digital watch. so… it’s true about what i read all this while about raising kids. they are very sensitive on promise made by the parents. they will surely remember and demand for you to fulfill your promise to him.

last month my family and i went to international book fair at PWTC. my purpose is to find books on ways to raise my kids. as i glance through all the booths… my eyes caught this 1 particular book by zaid mohamad. the title is very catchy and really focused to what i’m looking for… “Smart Parents Brighter Kids”.

i have finished reading the book now. fabulous and practical for parents who are facing challenges in raising up their angels today. from the book, i concluded that you need updated knowledge for parenting. you could not use the same methods as what had your parents done. it’s totally different scenario and environment.

therefore, read for knowledge… to improve yours.