during the top management meeting, my boss state… “1.30pm – 2.30pm is the only halal time to run your personal tasks”… those words really hit me hard because i usually take my leisure time to return back to the office after fetching my daughter from school. usually i will bring my daughter back home for her to take her bath, pray and have lunch before sending her to the day care center. she will take her own sweet time to do all the above. and usually i will be back at the office by 2.45-3.00pm. so, i can’t do that anymore.

after fetching my daughter today, i have explained to her on my condition while driving back home. she seems confused and reluctant to rush herself within the short period. finding ways on how to explain to her… finally i used the phrase of “working together”. i told her, “if you still want to bathe, pray and have lunch at home… you have to work together with me by managing your time well… we need to be out from home by 2.15pm to sending you off to the day care. if you can’t work together with me, then i’m sorry… i will need to send you to the day care straight from school.” (which she doesn’t like that idea).

as for today, i manage to come back to my office on time. really do hope could do the same in the future…