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what usually happened or done by your kids when your house has no electricity supply for hours?

like my kids, they will not sit still and make lots of noise. sometimes i couldn’t even control them. they will start to fight over everything… from holding to a flash light to choosing which pillow they want to cuddle for their bedtime.

my neighborhood was blackout for 8 hours during the night last week. and as expected, my kids went crazy because of the warm room temperature. remembering from what i read from Mr. Zaid’s book, i managed to control them and make them sit quietly throughout the period. i played games with them. just a simple guessing game like name any animals that starts with the letter ‘a’ and so on. surprisingly, they participated in the game and had fun.

aside from making my kids behave during the blackout, i managed to educate my kids the spirit of winning or losing in any games. so, we as parents need to equip ourselves with knowledge and be creative as well.

when i looked back to myself… one thing that i notice the most is… i’m too harsh and strict with my daughter. but not with my son. why? well… kalau kata orang dulu-dulu… “kalau muka anak perempuan sama dengan ibunya… maka panaslah.” is it true? or it’s just a myth? from the way my hubby sees it, it’s all up to me and he is right!

according to the book that i mentioned before… the first strategy in parenting is LOVE. absolutely!… the first thing you need in life is LOVE. LOVE from the AlMighty, LOVE from your parents, LOVE from your spouse, LOVE from your sisters and brothers, LOVE from your friends and finally… LOVE yourself.

of course i do LOVE my daughter. who doesn’t  LOVE your own child? but maybe i’m lacking of showing the LOVE to her. She’s 8 years old. who says she doesn’t need hugs and kisses? she still does. she still needs my cuddling and attention. but the most thing is, she needs me to listen to all her stories.

so… to all parents out there… please don’t make the same mistakes i did. even if you have young ones at home, don’t ever neglect the eldest. you need to manage your time to focus on each and every child. what i did was, after fetching my kids from the day care center… that is the time when i start to fully focus on them… listen to them and play with them.

what about me? well, you may have your own time to yourself of course! but only when they are asleep…

i always pray to GOD to give me strength and patience when my kids are around me and hope it will last forever. amin…