this happened few weeks ago and has dragged till now. my son is very particular on punctuality in fetching him back from his day care center. he always makes me promise to fetch him at 5.00pm… his common sentence is… “mama ambil pukul lima kosong kosong ye” (mama fetch me at five zero zero). so i really need to reach at his place exactly at 5.00pm.

there was one incident that i promised him to fetch at 5.00pm. but then, he complained to his dad saying that i had broken my promise. he said,”mama janji nak amik pukul lima kosong kosong. tapi mama datang lima kosong tiga.” (mama promised to fetch at five zero zero but she came at five zero three). it was just a difference of 3 minutes, and he obviously could not accept it.

and also there was one time that i reached early at his place… and he said… “mama! belum lagi lima kosong kosong” (mama! it not even yet five zero zero)… then, it really starts to confuse me…

he started to be particular about time when his dad bought him Ben 10 digital watch. so… it’s true about what i read all this while about raising kids. they are very sensitive on promise made by the parents. they will surely remember and demand for you to fulfill your promise to him.