i have held up this post since february. it’s because i didn’t manage to get any information that i really want to share on the topic until yesterday… i came across an article in the nstp discussing on the issue.

there are 3 types of learners; which are visual learners, auditory learners and kinaesthetic learners. so, how can we detect what types of learners our kids are and how to encourage them?

visual learners:

  • usually enjoys visual materials for learning such as pictures, maps, or charts.
  • enjoys writing with illustrations
  • will process the information in the classroom by looking at the teacher’s body language and facial expressions
  • illustrate ideas as mind maps before formally writing stories
  • are encouraging to study in a quiet place (away from visual distractions and verbal disturbance)

auditory learners:

  • enjoys discussing their ideas verbally
  • enjoys discussions and debates
  • are adept to read aloud and usually the first to volunteer in class presentation
  • encourage by creating mnemonics or musical jingles to recall important information
  • use recording device to encourage the flow of creativity

kinaesthetic learners:

  • learn best through movement
  • often move around when learning in classroom
  • could be encouraged by asking them to skim through the reading materials to get the rough ideas before getting into detail
  • use bright colors to highlight reading materials
  • are encouraging to take frequent breaks while studying

of all the above, i could conclude that my daughter is a kinaesthetic learner and my son is an auditory learner. now, it could give me some ideas on how to encourage and motivate my kids in their studies at their own comfort.

thanks alice smith, nstp 2 august 2010