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yesterday was a very hectic day for me. i had a meeting with delegates from UK one whole day. at noon i excused myself to fetch my daughter from school. my daughter was upset because someone pushed her and she felt at the school staircase. no cuts… only bruises… so… she requested for me to send her back home. i refused as no one to take care of her and further more i need to rush back to the office to resume my meeting. she cried…

finally she said… “why must you have classes?”… i replied, “mama is having a meeting… i do not have any class today”… then she said… “why must you have meetings?”… i paused… surely she do not understand what’s going on… finally i explained to her my nature of work and why must i work, where does all my salary goes… and her father’s salary goes… after the long explanation, she asked, “why must we pay for our house? that is our house… why must we pay for it?”

“the reality of life”… which our kids still do not understand and the reason they take things for granted… since they have asked that kind of questions… i think it’s time to rationalize to them and make them understand the purpose of living and how to keep it up…

new routine

guess i never mentioned that my mother-in-law stays with me for the past 5 years. i was blessed that she has been doing the cooking for the whole family during weekdays. but, recently she was not feeling well and i’m the substitute cook.

other than that, my hubby requested for me to prepare lunch box for my daughter. she has been buying food from the school canteen for almost 1 year now… and we do not know the hygiene level while they prepare the food.

now, my new routine is… after morning prayer at 6.00am… i will need to cook at least 3 meals. 2 for the whole family and the other one is for my daughter to bring to school. as usual i need to ask for my daughter’s approval on the menu. i cooked nasi lemak, fried mee, fried kuey teow, burger sandwich… but one thing i noticed… in order for my daughter looking forward taking her meals during school recess is that i need to prepare her breakfast which is different from the one that she will bring to school…

looking back… it’s tiring… may the AlMighty gives me health and strength to take care of my kids.

take care of myself

all this while i thought that i’m healthy… do not have any serious health problems… and thinking that feeling tired is normal especially living in this hectic life.

i came across a free health check through the retina in a pharmacy. after taking pictures of my both retinas, i was diagnose lots of internal health problems… which includes my lungs, heart, kidneys, bladder, knee, small intestines, stress, pancreas, stomach, and tiredness. i was stunned! this is serious!

i need to take care of myself. i need to rest… and start eating right and according to schedule. well, i guess… most mothers always put their family first and herself second. mother’s day is just around the corner… i will take a break from daily routines and pampered myself… on the second thought… could i?