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realized that there’s no other way to teach how life is until you experience yourself. different experience will generate a different lesson.

today, fetching my daughter from school have taught me a lesson that she is having her own life. she will learn lessons through her own experience.

my daughter was chosen for story telling competition and taking part in concert at her school. listen to her anxiousness, anxiety and excitement in her voice make me realize that she is on her own way to build her self-esteem and confidence. however, i did manage to advice her be humble in life…

still feeling happy, my daughter told the exciting news to her father while we are in the car driving back from our kids vital years session. she got totally different reaction from him. father asked her whether she remembered her promise if she wants to take part in any concerts at her school. actually, my hubby make my daughter to promise him that she needs to meet minimum of 5A’s in school to take part in any concert. i was totally forgotten about that. firmly, my hubby asked my daughter to tell her teacher tomorrow that she’s not allow to take part in school concert. Feeling mad and upset… my daughter emphasis that the teacher has chosen her, so she has to take part. the argument went on and on until i said, “you must obey your father”. and everybody was silent.

at home, my hubby explained that his intention was to make my daughter realize that she has failed to keep her promise.

and my point was… in future, our kids will need to seek for our permission and consent before doing anything.

sometimes life can be harsh on you.


cane or not to cane

sometimes i do find it hard to discipline my daughter when it’s come to house work. such as she will tend to put her veil everywhere after prayer… never to fold it. i’ve been telling her over and over to fold her veil properly after prayer… until i have lost my patience…

one day i warn her that if i caught her not folding her veil, i will cane her…

once… i gave her warning and remind of the punishment…

twice… again i warned her…

the third time… i cane her without saying anything first… she was stunned… then i told her the reason i canned her…

surprisingly…. until now… she fold her veil after prayer… 🙂

from this i learned that… do let your kids know of the circumstances of not obeying you… and negotiate what kind of punishment they are willing to receive if they do not obey… this way they will accept their fault with open mind and open heart.

promise of punctuality

this happened few weeks ago and has dragged till now. my son is very particular on punctuality in fetching him back from his day care center. he always makes me promise to fetch him at 5.00pm… his common sentence is… “mama ambil pukul lima kosong kosong ye” (mama fetch me at five zero zero). so i really need to reach at his place exactly at 5.00pm.

there was one incident that i promised him to fetch at 5.00pm. but then, he complained to his dad saying that i had broken my promise. he said,”mama janji nak amik pukul lima kosong kosong. tapi mama datang lima kosong tiga.” (mama promised to fetch at five zero zero but she came at five zero three). it was just a difference of 3 minutes, and he obviously could not accept it.

and also there was one time that i reached early at his place… and he said… “mama! belum lagi lima kosong kosong” (mama! it not even yet five zero zero)… then, it really starts to confuse me…

he started to be particular about time when his dad bought him Ben 10 digital watch. so… it’s true about what i read all this while about raising kids. they are very sensitive on promise made by the parents. they will surely remember and demand for you to fulfill your promise to him.

different learning styles

i have held up this post since february. it’s because i didn’t manage to get any information that i really want to share on the topic until yesterday… i came across an article in the nstp discussing on the issue.

there are 3 types of learners; which are visual learners, auditory learners and kinaesthetic learners. so, how can we detect what types of learners our kids are and how to encourage them?

visual learners:

  • usually enjoys visual materials for learning such as pictures, maps, or charts.
  • enjoys writing with illustrations
  • will process the information in the classroom by looking at the teacher’s body language and facial expressions
  • illustrate ideas as mind maps before formally writing stories
  • are encouraging to study in a quiet place (away from visual distractions and verbal disturbance)

auditory learners:

  • enjoys discussing their ideas verbally
  • enjoys discussions and debates
  • are adept to read aloud and usually the first to volunteer in class presentation
  • encourage by creating mnemonics or musical jingles to recall important information
  • use recording device to encourage the flow of creativity

kinaesthetic learners:

  • learn best through movement
  • often move around when learning in classroom
  • could be encouraged by asking them to skim through the reading materials to get the rough ideas before getting into detail
  • use bright colors to highlight reading materials
  • are encouraging to take frequent breaks while studying

of all the above, i could conclude that my daughter is a kinaesthetic learner and my son is an auditory learner. now, it could give me some ideas on how to encourage and motivate my kids in their studies at their own comfort.

thanks alice smith, nstp 2 august 2010

a happy day

nope… my daughter didn’t get her watch back… she asked me when i fetched her… “what should i do now?”…

bluntly i said… “well… it wasn’t meant to be yours… maybe you will get a better one next time”

my hubby went on business trip to KL yesterday… he managed to get a watch for our daughter. she was asleep when he get back. so… slowly my hubby fastened the watch to our daughter’s wrist. in the middle of the night when she was awake to empty her bladder… she looked puzzled and blurred at her wrist… and fell back asleep.

this morning… she said to me… “mama… i got my watch back” showing her wrist to me. i asked her…”how did it get there?”… “i don’t know”… looking closely at her watch… and finally she said… “mama! it’s a new one! ayah bought a new watch for me!!”

“go to ayah, hug him and say thank you…”, i said…

saw a glow in her face this morning… it’s priceless…