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tortilla sandwich

it has been quite sometime i didn’t update my blog. i was really busy with my full time job.

however, i just want to share with you another recipe i made for my daughter’s and hubby’s lunch box and breakfast for myself and my son.

tortilla sandwich


  • tortilla (warm up on frying pan – no oil please)
  • chicken nugget (i ‘fried’ on non stick frying pan without oil)
  • cabbage (thinly slice)
  • tomato (dice)
  • mayonnaise
  • jalapeno cheese sauce
  • chille sauce

spread the mayonnaise on tortilla, put the cabbage, nuggets, tomato, jalapeno sauce and chille sauce…


wrap… &…




croissant sandwich

today’s lunch box for my daughter and breakfast for the family is the ‘croissant sandwich’…


  1. croissant bread
  2. chicken nugget (fried and cut into slices)
  3. salad
  4. jalapeno sauce (bought from my office mate)

stuff all ingredients (no. 2-4) in the croissant bread and wallaaa!! deeliiiciioouusss….

mini buns

this morning i made a simple lunch box for my daughter and my hubby… (well actually its breakfast for him).

mini bun sandwich, wedges and oranges…

well, i never take any pictures of the food that i prepared and it sounds boring just from reading my instruction or description… so… here it is…

the filling for the mini buns is made of minced chicken meat, diced tomato, cucumber and pineapple. i fried the minced chicken meat with diced onion and sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning. then i added all the vegetables and stir for a while just to let the juice out. put it in the bun and pour some chilli sauce. i fried some wedges and spread some mayonnaise on top. some oranges and waallaa! lunch box for my daughter and breakfast box for my hubby…

it tastes lovely. you can get the crunchiness from the cucumber, juiciness from tomato, the sweetness from the pineapple and the flakiness from the chicken meat.

you can just simply tailor-made your ingredients… have a try!

whole wheat bread (no.3)

my annual subscription of parenthood magazine arrived today. i found an interesting statement which i would like to share with you…

“73% of mums think that ‘enriched wheat bread’ is 100% whole wheat. But it’s not!”

i was like… huh?? how come??

“Most contain only 20%. For the real deal, make sure ‘whole wheat flour’ is the first ingredient on the list”

hmmm… back to reading the ingredients again…

whole wheat bread (no.2)

today i managed to prepare breakfast which using a whole wheat bread. well… whole wheat mini bun to be exact. i bought the bun at bakery shop near my housing area. so, i prepared egg sandwich for my family.

i made an ordinary omelet but i added few diced red tomato (find the reddest tomato as it has high anti-oxidant), a pinch of salt for seasoning and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese…

my daughter loved it and asked for second serving. even my son finished his portion.

that’s the satisfaction i get after slaving myself in the kitchen early in the morning… 🙂