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PKSR2 results

since my daughter could not attend school from chicken pox, i text a message to her teacher to find out her PKSR2 result (do not want to trouble her if she’s in class). i was so nervous and anxious. in a few moments, she replied… 3a5b no 5. i was so grateful she has improved her results from 1a6b1c to 3a5b. maybe you think it’s not big but there’s improvement.  a big one for me.

what i learnt from this is… you could not compare how you were raised by your parents and make the same steps for your kids. it was totally in different environment all together. i remembered that my parents were not that actively involve in my education wise and i turned out to be fine. i have my masters degree and have a decent job. but, it’s totally different case for my daughter. i have to actively involve in her school and personal life.

other than that, if you are a working mother, it kinda hard to really spend times with your kids and really focus in her school work. i can only do that during weekends with lots of online and offline exercises. on the weekdays, i need to send her to a day care center after school until i finish working. my mistake last year was putting her into a day care that was not really into education development. i changed it recently, and surely it works. thank you to all the school teachers and day care teachers. they have provided the formal education to my kids. now, my task in to enhance my kids talent… with other activities that they love and enjoy.

i noticed that my daughter is really into art. she’s so passion about it. it’s one of the reason myself is also involve in this art and craft thing. it really makes me calm and satisfy to see how it turns up. now, i have a project to carry out. i wish to make few thank you cards… together with my daughter… of course! for all the teachers that have helped my daughter in improving her grades.


think before you react

my hubby shared his reading material with me few weeks ago. it’s about how your reaction could affect your people around you and your mood throughout the day. the story goes like this…

one morning while the father was sitting down having breakfast with his son and daughter of below 5 years old. one of them accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on the father’s shirt. guess how the father could react? he could either…

A. get mad at his children. the kids start to cry loudly. the mother get to stop cooking to calm the children. the father run upstairs angrily and change his cloths. when he’s too overwhelm with his anger, he did not finish his breakfast and went to the car and rush off to office. on the way, he realized that he has forgotten his briefcase. he need to get back to get it because he has a very important meeting to chair and all the documents are in his briefcase. then, he’s late for his meeting. even the day at the office seems to went wrong. when he get home from work, he did not get any welcome party from his children. they were in their room trying to get away from their father’s sight.


B. tell the kids that it’s ok to make mistakes. he went upstairs to change his cloths. went back down to finish his breakfast. then he kisses his wife and children good-bye, took his briefcase and went to office as usual. he’s Not late for a very important meeting. the meeting went well. when he’s home from work, his children welcome him with the sweetest smile and they had a very pleasant moment together that night.

see… your reaction Do affect people around you and your mood. so… think before you react to any circumstances.

quality time

i was taking my breakfast this morning while watching a morning show from local tv station. they were discussing about family matters. the interesting part which the panel mentioned was about spending quality time with your family especially your kids.

he said… “3 hours watching movies together at home with your family is Not spending quality time… compare to switching off all media device (tv, radio, computer games, psp, hand phone ect) for 1/2 an hour and Talk to each other… That Is Spending Quality Time with your family…”

the key is Communication. talk to your spouse… talk to your kids… communicate… this is what we are lacking of living in this hassle and busy world. get back to the basics… maybe that’s one of the reason kids today easily get into trouble. parents are lack of communicating with their kids. Not to blame totally on parents on their busy times… parents are trying to make a living… but parents… please watch “life is like a cup of coffee” which i published in this blog. it will get you to Think…

Spend Quality Time with your family… Not Quantity…

Talk… Communicate… Discuss…

new routine

guess i never mentioned that my mother-in-law stays with me for the past 5 years. i was blessed that she has been doing the cooking for the whole family during weekdays. but, recently she was not feeling well and i’m the substitute cook.

other than that, my hubby requested for me to prepare lunch box for my daughter. she has been buying food from the school canteen for almost 1 year now… and we do not know the hygiene level while they prepare the food.

now, my new routine is… after morning prayer at 6.00am… i will need to cook at least 3 meals. 2 for the whole family and the other one is for my daughter to bring to school. as usual i need to ask for my daughter’s approval on the menu. i cooked nasi lemak, fried mee, fried kuey teow, burger sandwich… but one thing i noticed… in order for my daughter looking forward taking her meals during school recess is that i need to prepare her breakfast which is different from the one that she will bring to school…

looking back… it’s tiring… may the AlMighty gives me health and strength to take care of my kids.

mother’s day

last weekend was a mother’s day… my daughter woke me up with a song that she learned from school. it was so sweet of her.

my routine during mother’s day was the same as other days. doing my chores as usual… but on that day… my hubby helped me in cleaning up the house. thanks ayang…

i guess… that was my best mother’s day ever… with my kids all grown up and still around me… thanks to AlMighty…