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me, myself and i

Me. Who am I? What am I? What am I doing? When I am here? Why am I here? How do I even get here? Those are very tough questions. How am I to get all the answers? How am I to get all the answers right? Do right answers matter? Who is to judge me with all my answers to those questions?

I’m a daughter or a son to my parents. I’m a mother or a father to my kids. I’m an employee to my employer. I’m a teacher to my students. I’m a student to my teacher.

Am I happy of whom I am? Am I happy of what I am? Am I happy of where I am? Am I happy of why I am happy? Who is to tell me whether I am happy or not? Who is to judge my feelings? Guess what? IT’S ME!

It’s all about me! If I’m not happy of who I am… if I’m not happy of what I am… if I’m not happy of where I am… It’s me that makes the feeling unhappy. What am I to do about it? Who is at fault? Who is to be blamed? Anyone or anybody wish to volunteer to be blamed by me? NO ONE! Then, I am to be blamed for myself.

I have to change. I have to see my potentials. I have to change all the sad stories to happy stories. Quest stories. I want to make my own stories to tell. I want to tell my happy ending stories. I want to make the change. I want to change. I want to change my perceptions. I want to change my attitudes. I want to do the right thing… for ME.

my son, the thinker

it was raining heavily last night… my 5 years old son looked outside the door for a minute… turn to me and asked…

“mama, it’s raining… but why the electric cable doesn’t go bzzzzzz?”

i looked at my hubby and we smiled, which then i explained why…

Inside Out

we crawl before we walk

we learn arithmetic before algebra

we must fix ourselves before we can fix others

if you want to make a change in your life, the place to begin is yourself,

not with your parents, or your boyfriend/girlfriend, or your teacher

all change begins with you

it’s inside out

not outside in


quoted by Sean Covey from “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers”


sorry for not posting any new stories lately. now busy with work whereby needed to complete lots and lots of documents.

i’m reading a new book entitled “The Leader In Me”. will surely share with you once i have the chance.

yesterday was a very hectic day for me. i had a meeting with delegates from UK one whole day. at noon i excused myself to fetch my daughter from school. my daughter was upset because someone pushed her and she felt at the school staircase. no cuts… only bruises… so… she requested for me to send her back home. i refused as no one to take care of her and further more i need to rush back to the office to resume my meeting. she cried…

finally she said… “why must you have classes?”… i replied, “mama is having a meeting… i do not have any class today”… then she said… “why must you have meetings?”… i paused… surely she do not understand what’s going on… finally i explained to her my nature of work and why must i work, where does all my salary goes… and her father’s salary goes… after the long explanation, she asked, “why must we pay for our house? that is our house… why must we pay for it?”

“the reality of life”… which our kids still do not understand and the reason they take things for granted… since they have asked that kind of questions… i think it’s time to rationalize to them and make them understand the purpose of living and how to keep it up…