realized that there’s no other way to teach how life is until you experience yourself. different experience will generate a different lesson.

today, fetching my daughter from school have taught me a lesson that she is having her own life. she will learn lessons through her own experience.

my daughter was chosen for story telling competition and taking part in concert at her school. listen to her anxiousness, anxiety and excitement in her voice make me realize that she is on her own way to build her self-esteem and confidence. however, i did manage to advice her be humble in life…

still feeling happy, my daughter told the exciting news to her father while we are in the car driving back from our kids vital years session. she got totally different reaction from him. father asked her whether she remembered her promise if she wants to take part in any concerts at her school. actually, my hubby make my daughter to promise him that she needs to meet minimum of 5A’s in school to take part in any concert. i was totally forgotten about that. firmly, my hubby asked my daughter to tell her teacher tomorrow that she’s not allow to take part in school concert. Feeling mad and upset… my daughter emphasis that the teacher has chosen her, so she has to take part. the argument went on and on until i said, “you must obey your father”. and everybody was silent.

at home, my hubby explained that his intention was to make my daughter realize that she has failed to keep her promise.

and my point was… in future, our kids will need to seek for our permission and consent before doing anything.

sometimes life can be harsh on you.