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sun shine

actually i enrolled my daughter into art school @ Da Vinci starting early this month.

i still didn’t get the chance to see all her art work because my hubby is taking the

responsibility to send and fetch her every sundays. once i do, i will surely publish all her art works…

just want to share my daughter’s art she did at her morning school today…

materials : paper plate, yellow papers, crayon, scissors and glue

nope… my daughter didn’t get her watch back… she asked me when i fetched her… “what should i do now?”…

bluntly i said… “well… it wasn’t meant to be yours… maybe you will get a better one next time”

my hubby went on business trip to KL yesterday… he managed to get a watch for our daughter. she was asleep when he get back. so… slowly my hubby fastened the watch to our daughter’s wrist. in the middle of the night when she was awake to empty her bladder… she looked puzzled and blurred at her wrist… and fell back asleep.

this morning… she said to me… “mama… i got my watch back” showing her wrist to me. i asked her…”how did it get there?”… “i don’t know”… looking closely at her watch… and finally she said… “mama! it’s a new one! ayah bought a new watch for me!!”

“go to ayah, hug him and say thank you…”, i said…

saw a glow in her face this morning… it’s priceless…

it happened last friday where my daughter was very upset when i fetch her from the day care center. she had lost her watch. she cried and said that someone had stolen her watch that she placed on the teacher’s table while she was practicing taekwondo.

i asked her how she felt. “i am very upset because i love the watch so much. i earned the watch by getting good results on my earlier exam… and the watch is expensive… it costs RM20. dad had to draw out money from a bank just to buy the watch. and now it’s lost… i’m sure dad will get mad at me…” yes… she loved the watch very much… she didn’t took it off even when she sleeps and bathes.

when i listened to her feelings… i was confuse and puzzled. i didn’t know how to advice her. it seems that now she knows the value of money. maybe RM20 is very much affordable for me… but to my daughter… it’s expensive… i didn’t know how to advice her… if i said something like…

“it’s ok… you didn’t lose it on purpose… it’s not your fault”… will she hold on to the phrase when ever she lost her things next time?? will she be saying to herself that it’s ok if i lost things as long as i didn’t do it on purpose…?? and of course i did not want to blame totally on her. it’s not fair.


“the watch is only cost RM20… we can get another one for you”… will she be thinking that it’s ok to lost things??… we can always get a new one…

of all the confusion wandered in my head… finally i said… “if you love the watch so much, after your every prayer… ask from GOD to open up the heart who ever took your watch to give you back on monday…” then she asked… “what if he or she never gives back?”… “we’ll see… but you have to put effort on it first…”, i replied.

giving my hubby an upfront notice… i called him and explained what happened…

well… today is monday… we’ll see what happen…

work together

during the top management meeting, my boss state… “1.30pm – 2.30pm is the only halal time to run your personal tasks”… those words really hit me hard because i usually take my leisure time to return back to the office after fetching my daughter from school. usually i will bring my daughter back home for her to take her bath, pray and have lunch before sending her to the day care center. she will take her own sweet time to do all the above. and usually i will be back at the office by 2.45-3.00pm. so, i can’t do that anymore.

after fetching my daughter today, i have explained to her on my condition while driving back home. she seems confused and reluctant to rush herself within the short period. finding ways on how to explain to her… finally i used the phrase of “working together”. i told her, “if you still want to bathe, pray and have lunch at home… you have to work together with me by managing your time well… we need to be out from home by 2.15pm to sending you off to the day care. if you can’t work together with me, then i’m sorry… i will need to send you to the day care straight from school.” (which she doesn’t like that idea).

as for today, i manage to come back to my office on time. really do hope could do the same in the future…

I came across an interesting article in the news paper today on type of fruits and vegetable colours. Each colour of fruits and vegetables have fitonutrients that act as antioxidant to protect our cells and benefits for our health. There are five types of fruits and vegetables colours that need to be in our daily diet. They are green, red, yellow-orange, white and blue-purple.


function: for cell health, lungs, support artery function or blood vessel and heart, increasing calcium absorption.

resources: kale, amaranthus, pepper Bengal green, water cress, salad, zucchini, broccoli, Brussels cabbage, long bean, green pea, green bean, okra, water convulvulus, cucumber, green tea, green apples and all green coloured vegetable.


function: to taking care of health prostate and deoxyribonucleic acid  (DNA) in cell.

resources:red apple, cranberry, guava, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, tomato, pomegranate, radish

Yellow – Orange

function: for eye ‘ health, immune function or healthy body endurance, support hydration, healthy growth and development

resources: orange, pumpkin, carrot, apricot, sweet potato, lime, papaya, sweet corn, pineapple, lemon, passion fruit


function: maintain bone health, improve blood circulation and support blood vessel function, stimulate enzyme function

resources: pear, soya, cauliflower, garlic, parsnip, turnip, garden pea, mushroom, banana, potato


function: DNA health, skin and launch digestion

resources: fig, grapes, blueberry, boysenberry, red cabbage, black grapes, brinjal, black pea, plum, bit, purple sweet potato

thanks harian metro, 4th July 2010