since my daughter could not attend school from chicken pox, i text a message to her teacher to find out her PKSR2 result (do not want to trouble her if she’s in class). i was so nervous and anxious. in a few moments, she replied… 3a5b no 5. i was so grateful she has improved her results from 1a6b1c to 3a5b. maybe you think it’s not big but there’s improvement.  a big one for me.

what i learnt from this is… you could not compare how you were raised by your parents and make the same steps for your kids. it was totally in different environment all together. i remembered that my parents were not that actively involve in my education wise and i turned out to be fine. i have my masters degree and have a decent job. but, it’s totally different case for my daughter. i have to actively involve in her school and personal life.

other than that, if you are a working mother, it kinda hard to really spend times with your kids and really focus in her school work. i can only do that during weekends with lots of online and offline exercises. on the weekdays, i need to send her to a day care center after school until i finish working. my mistake last year was putting her into a day care that was not really into education development. i changed it recently, and surely it works. thank you to all the school teachers and day care teachers. they have provided the formal education to my kids. now, my task in to enhance my kids talent… with other activities that they love and enjoy.

i noticed that my daughter is really into art. she’s so passion about it. it’s one of the reason myself is also involve in this art and craft thing. it really makes me calm and satisfy to see how it turns up. now, i have a project to carry out. i wish to make few thank you cards… together with my daughter… of course! for all the teachers that have helped my daughter in improving her grades.