my hubby shared his reading material with me few weeks ago. it’s about how your reaction could affect your people around you and your mood throughout the day. the story goes like this…

one morning while the father was sitting down having breakfast with his son and daughter of below 5 years old. one of them accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on the father’s shirt. guess how the father could react? he could either…

A. get mad at his children. the kids start to cry loudly. the mother get to stop cooking to calm the children. the father run upstairs angrily and change his cloths. when he’s too overwhelm with his anger, he did not finish his breakfast and went to the car and rush off to office. on the way, he realized that he has forgotten his briefcase. he need to get back to get it because he has a very important meeting to chair and all the documents are in his briefcase. then, he’s late for his meeting. even the day at the office seems to went wrong. when he get home from work, he did not get any welcome party from his children. they were in their room trying to get away from their father’s sight.


B. tell the kids that it’s ok to make mistakes. he went upstairs to change his cloths. went back down to finish his breakfast. then he kisses his wife and children good-bye, took his briefcase and went to office as usual. he’s Not late for a very important meeting. the meeting went well. when he’s home from work, his children welcome him with the sweetest smile and they had a very pleasant moment together that night.

see… your reaction Do affect people around you and your mood. so… think before you react to any circumstances.