“ayam masak kicap lah…” hehehehe… this recipe is my grandma’s legacy… nyonya style… it has been my favourite dish and now it’s my kids favourite as well…


  1. chicken, cut into small pieces
  2. oyster sauce
  3. light soy sauce
  4. dark soy sauce
  5. tauchu
  6. potato (cut into wedges)
  7. shitake mushroom (cut into quarter)
  8. ginger (cut into strips)
  9. minced garlic
  10. oil for frying

mix the chicken and oyster sauce together and put aside. boil the potato until it’s half cook. fry the garlic, ginger and tauchu in the hot oil until its fragrance. then, put in the chicken and mix around until it’s almost cook. put in the potato, shitake mushroom, light and dark soy sauce, and 1/2 cup of water. mix well and leave it until it’s cook.

have a try… surely it’s different then the malay version…