i just received my daughter’s result from her PKSR 1 examination. shocking! i really don’t know where did i went wrong in coaching her… she did really badly. after sitting alone and analyze logically… maybe she faced problems in her school which i didn’t know of.  i was so frustrated to the extend i looked for any child psychologist in Malaysia. there is one in KL and it’s very expensive. i could not afford for the sessions and programmes. after discussing with my colleague, she advice me have discussion with the school teacher.

from what i remembered, my parents did not do that. they just leave me with my school and i turned out to be fine. i did well in my academics and life. but then, i took my colleague’s advice. i went to see my daughter’s teacher and had a very progressive discussion. from the discussion, i learned that i need to take part actively in my daughter’s school life.

other than that, the book of “Smarter Parents Brighter Kids” do really opened my eyes of how to raise and treat my kids. like people always say… education begins at home.