from my previous post on my kid’s problem with mathematics… i made a module for her specifically on how to differentiate the value of the number, is it more or less and on arrange the number ascending and descending order.

i took a piece of A3 paper and cut it into approximately 3 x 1.5 inches.  then i wrote random numbers using marker which involves hundreds, tens and ones. also i wrote “less” and “more” in 2 individual paper.

then, i played the game with my daughter. i put down 2 pieces of paper with the random number and i asked my daughter to put the “less” or “more” sign in between. amazingly… she got all questions correct.

then, i gave her series of numbers and asked her to arrange it in ascending and descending orders. again… she could do it.

so.. moral of the story is… not all kids have the same ability to study… we as parents need to be very creative in assist our kids. have it a try… all the best!