it has been a very long time since my last post. wondering what happened to me? A LOT! well… it’s nothing to share on my working responsibilities.

yesterday, i have been pressured by my mom. since she’s very far away from me, she’s very concern on her first grand daughter’s education. parents mana tak nak anak pandai right? my mom has pushed me on finding tuition class for my daughter… tuition? for my 8-year-old? yes… a child at this age will absorb information like sponges but i too want her to enjoy learning and have her childhood. i do not want to pressure her on getting only good results in school… i too want to focus on her social development.

i have researched on my daughter’s style of learning. she’s a kinesthetic. since i have notice of that, myself and my husband has decided not to put very highly expectation on her. we want to make sure she could balance up her social skills and education. we are currently observing her to look what her interest is or are. then we will work out that from there. at the same time, i’m looking for ways on how to educate a kinesthetic child… especially developing her interest in writing and reading. it’s a struggle for me.

i’m really stuck now. what should i do? my daughter has a very hectic schedule in her daily life… morning school monday – friday. KAFA in the afternoon. i will pick her up at 6.00 pm every weekdays from her KAFA, reach home at 6.15 pm, recite Iqra’ after Maghrib prayer, doing her homework, more extra exercises from me and bedtime at 9.00 pm. every wednesday and friday night is her english class until 9.00 pm. saturdays, doing her chores (wash her school shoes and others). her only day off is on sundays. should i add tuition class in her hectic schedule… for 8-year-old child?

what’s got into the education system in Malaysia today? are we into exam oriented only? it’s unlikely at the australia or united states where they have different ways in approaching education in a child’s life.

please help me… what should i do now?  what is your opinion on this matter?