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homemade chicken nugget

i tried this recipe weeks ago… ’till now i got the opportunity to share with you. it’s simple actually…


  1. chicken breast
  2. egg white
  3. tempura flour (no MSG please…)
  4. oil for frying

all you have to do is, cut the chicken breast according any size and shapes. coat the chicken meat with egg whites followed by the tempura flour. then… dip fry… 

enjoy!       ‘coz my daughter did… 😉


i tried different approach today in making my daughter to complete her homework. as usual, her little brother will always try to divert her focus of by making noises and playing around her. so… i asked my daughter to priorities her activities. which is important at that time? homework or playing? she paused… and she decided herself that homework is important at that time. but then, she was complaining about her brother. then i said, “if you think you want to focus on playing now, keep away your homework and play. but then, your bed time is still at 9.00pm.” finally, she sit down dan completed her homework… under supervision of course.