a best friend of mine was wondering whether we could cope of what i have published here… of what have i done for my daughter, especially we (working moms) are living in a hectic life. true… we are living in a hectic live. we wake up early in the morning and sort lots of things especially when our kids start schooling… work pressure… and in the evening continue with the house chores… check our kid’s homework…┬árepeat the same process every weekdays…

well… personally, if we could plan our life ahead… we could do a lot. i planned my whole week activities during the weekends… i planned out 1 week menu for my family and make sure all are in order and in place. i do get few ideas from asia food channel and┬átravel and living channel in preparing simple menus and preparing 2 menus at one shot.

then again… nobody’s prefect… but never give up in putting your life together and plan to make it perfect for YOU.