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multiplication table (sifir)

today, my daughter was relieved that she knows the sifir 2 when her teacher asked her… baru tahun 2 dah kena tahu sifir 1-5… aduuuhhh…

i did my homework on how to help our children in remembering their sifir… here are some tips:

  1. teach them the sifir 0, 1, 2, 5, 10, 11 first because it’s easier to explain how those sifir works.
  2. for the rest of the sifir, need to memorize.
  3. i wrote the sifir 2, 3, 4 & 5 in different sheet of drawing paper. use different kind of color for every line and paste on the bedroom wall according to my daughter’s eye level…

really hope this will help my daughter and your kids…


last night my daughter had to complete her homework. she have to write 10 sentences about herself, and she need to tell out to the class today. she came out most of the sentences on her own… just need my help in spell out few words. i’m really proud of her.

but then, she made this sentences… “i like to drink”.

i asked her, “what type of drink do you like most? u need to be more specific.”

“i like to drink water”, she replied.

“are u sure? i know you don’t really like to drink water. why don’t you write down exactly what types of drink you like the most”, i responded to her answer.

“well, if i say i like other drinks rather than water, you will be mad at me…”, she said.

it really hurts me a lot. not that i’m mad at her. i’m mad at myself. what have i done wrong that makes my daughter did not portray her own self?  she will give me answers what she thinks will pleased me. what about that pleases herself? she’s not being truthful to herself… especially at my presence.


as parents, we always want the best for our child. as i have researched and published here about the brain food, water is one of them. that’s the reason i always emphasis on water consumption by my family. but maybe i always stressed on what i want… but what about what my children want? they love to drink vitagen, canned drinks, cola and other cordial drinks. which i know that will do no good to their health.

i will have to listen to my children more. their thoughts are as important as mine.

Talking Too Much & Not Listening Enough (most mistakes made by parents)

Now here is an idea that may seem radical to some parents: Many times, what you have to say to your child is not as important as what your child has to say to you.

Why is that?

Your child has important information to share with you – about what happened, what led to it, what she was thinking and feeling, how she is feeling now – just for starters.

You cannot possibly help her if you don’t know what is going on with her.

Another important reason not to do most of the talking is that people open up when they feel they are being heard, but they shut down when they feel they are being lectured to.

So, listening benefits everyone. You get more information about your child and she feels acknowledged and appreciated. As a result, not only will you communicate better, but the relationship will feel a lot better to both of you.

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