today is my daughter’s first day of school in second grade. i have ready a great start for her by giving the healthy breakfast which i researched through the net. over the weekends, my daughter and i prepared homemade chicken burger and froze it.

this morning, homemade burger with whole wheat pita bread for breakfast! and my daughter’s hand full of gold raisins on-the-go…

waa… healthy haa… hope this new lifestyle that i planned really help my family especially my daughter in her studies. i’m sure you’re wondering about my daughter… what’s her like that makes me really plan all this ha… i will definitely tell you one day.


why breakfast is very important especially to growing children? here are some keys why breakfast is important:

  1. breakfast = better behaviour
  2. breakfast leads to higher test scores
  3. better class attendance
  4. helps weight control

try to include few of these nutrients in your kid’s breakfast:

  1. choline (for the memory) : scramble eggs with fresh vegetables and serve with whole grain bread.
  2. antioxidants (for memory improvement) : fresh fruits and vegetables during meal time and snacks.
  3. omega-3 fatty acids (improve cognitive functions) : salmon, tuna, walnut, almonds. but do watch your tuna or any fish intake due to high mercury content from the sea.
  4. whole grain (improve memory functions) : has folate and B vitamins. switch to 100% whole grain or whole wheat bread.
  5. iron (mental alertness) : red meat, poultry, spinach, beans, dried fruits, and whole-grains.
  6. calcium (strengthen bones) : milk, tofu, yogurt.
  7. water to keep your concentrations level up.

Foods that drains the brain… please be aware and try to prevent!

  1. artificial sweetener or coloring
  2. high-fructose corn syrup
  3. sugary fruit drinks, colas and juices
  4. refined white sugars and breads
  5. trans-fats and partially hydrogenated oils
  6. processed snack food and luncheon meat (daging yang diproses dan ditinkan untuk dimakan)

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